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I’ve come to understand that many people can’t stand the fact that I’m an activist. They think I am too ‘entitled’ or feel my message needs to be more politically correct.

Fact: Activism is the reason why my Coffee tastes so good.

I have zero shame in saying that Coffee is my savior, and I work daily to ensure its well-being.

Whenever I tell someone my story, they ask me if it’s lonely being an activist. The truth is, it’s as much fun as it is scary. Doing this for a living has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Still, it also means there are times when you’ll wake up feeling like shit and think about quitting for a while because you’re exhausted from arguing with the same five people on your social media feed all day long.

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As someone who both loves and hates politics, I try not to focus on negativity too much because it serves no purpose—but sometimes, some things get under our skin, especially if we are directly involved in something we feel strongly about. This morning I got into a fierce Twitter fight with a man who thinks Hawaiian Coffee farmers should keep their coffee beans locked up and be paid $400 a month for their labor! Being a part of social justice means fighting your battles every day (and some nights), but this guy was asking for his epitaph…

Hawaiian Coffee farmers work very hard each year to grow over 7 million pounds of fresh Hawaiian Coffee beans, which pays those farmers over $300 million in farm payments annually! It’s not fair that these small farmers don’t get paid enough for their valuable work—and yet many grocery stores continue to pay hundreds of dollars per pound for other types of coffee! While we at KCCO love supporting our local farmers at

Hawaiian Coffee is the highest quality coffee grown in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Coffee is the highest quality coffee grown in Hawaii. It was costly, but it was worth it.

Hawaiian Coffee comes from a particular type of tree that grows in the mountains of Oahu and Maui. The trees have small leaves like regular trees, but their fruit has seeds inside them instead of flowers or berries (like other plants). This makes them unique among all different kinds of plants!

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The seeds are harvested when they are ripe enough to be picked without being crushed by animals or insects before they fall off the tree onto your table! That’s why you should buy Hawaiian Coffee when you’re on vacation at Waikiki Beach because then you’ll be able to taste how delicious this particular kind of coffee tastes!

Hawaiian Coffee is expensive, but it’s worth it.

Hawaiian Coffee is expensive, but it’s worth it.

Hawaiian Coffee is the highest quality coffee grown in Hawaii. It’s grown at high altitudes, where it is more relaxed and has a longer growing season than most other types of Coffee. The beans are left on the trees to dry naturally while they mature before being harvested and processed into delicious drinks like coffee or lattes!

All of us who have tried and enjoyed Hawaiian Coffee know its importance as a whole category. Hawaiian Coffee is the highest quality coffee grown in Hawaii. As we are all trying to find ways to save money, many things could help our cause. This could result in a better place for everybody.

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Hawaiian Coffee is expensive, and you can tell by how their cases look with other countries’ coffees; they need to be more organized and cleaner. The best part about Hawaiian Coffees are:

Section: Why not just buy these coffees from somewhere else? If you’re lucky, they’ll make them rich so you can afford them!

Takeaway: If you don’t live in Hawaii, don’t buy these coffees because they will make you poor! 5.) You can buy these coffees online on Amazon or through companies like my favorite one, KonaGold Coffees. 6.) You can buy the cheaper ones that aren’t as high quality but still taste great, like Trader Joe’s Kona Blend or Starbucks’ Pike Place Roast 7.) If you don’t want to spend too much money on your

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