How many airline miles to hawaii


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12,600 United Airlines miles

The 12,600 United Airlines miles required from Los Angeles to Hawaii are enough for two round-trip flights on Hawaiian Airlines. But if you have a little saved up, there is another option: Alaska Airlines miles can be used for flights on Hawaiian and other airlines. This will cost more—you’ll need 25,000 Alaska miles to fly on Hawaiian—but it’s still possible!

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12,450 Hawaiian Airlines miles

You can earn a total of 12,450 Hawaiian Airlines miles for this trip.

Hawaiian Airlines is a member of the Oneworld alliance and the SkyTeam alliance. It’s based in Honolulu, Hawaii, with its central hub at HNL Airport.

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7,000 American Airlines miles

The flight cost to Hawaii is determined by the airline you book and their policies. For example, if you’re flying American Airlines, you’ll need 7,000 miles for a round-trip ticket between Los Angeles and Honolulu.

For example: If I want to go from New York City (which has no direct flights) back home this summer and use my American Airlines MileagePlus credit card, which gives me free checked bags on all flights through December 31st, 2020 even if they’re just domestic ones connecting through another city like Chicago or Miami; then that would mean that I’d have enough miles left over after paying off all those fees, etc., but not enough in total because there’s still another two grand worth of taxes involved with international travel plus additional fuel surcharges depending where exactly we end up being picked up at our destination airport once landed there

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9,000 US Airways miles

US Airways is a good airline. It has a good reputation and offers excellent service, food, seats, and prices. The flight times are also great!

You can use these airline miles to travel to Hawaii.

You must book a Hawaiian Airlines ticket to use your airline miles to travel to Hawaii. If you are not already flying Hawaiian Airlines, then now would be the time to start booking your flights!

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Once you have booked your flight with Hawaiian Airlines and received confirmation, all that is left is waiting for them to mail out those impressive miles! You can expect them within one week after booking or sooner if there are delays in processing their system. Once they arrive (hopefully), add them into our system and watch as we magically make them worth even more than before!

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