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I have been using this strategy of “Why don’t you take a cruise from California to Hawaii, I’ll pay for it” for years, and it has been working well.

For a few months now, the strategy has changed, though, due to the new policies at US Airways and the fact that they no longer allow passengers to buy one-way tickets and change out at their whim.

I traveled to San Francisco on US Airways via Anchorage (Alaska) a few weeks ago. When I arrived in San Francisco, I called ahead to Alaska Airlines, who was waiting for me in baggage claim so they could send someone up with my bag and car rental. Then when my sister picked me up, we loaded up my car (heated seats! How great is that!) and drove around San Francisco for a while. We also ran into some friends over tea who gave us ideas about things to do on our way back through Oklahoma City.

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We got an early start on our drive back home because we knew we would need the whole daytime to get around and stop at Ikea in Tulsa before getting home late that night.

The day went perfectly- just how we planned it -but by the time we made it back south, there was only one road heading towards Tulsa left open, so we had no choice but to watch as cars zoomed past us all day long… Most of them were gone by mid-afternoon, though, so when my sister suggested stopping somewhere or doing anything before going home, I said: “You know what? Let’s go straight home.” And she agreed since she wasn’t in any hurry anyways (Edit: My husband put together this handy reference table for those researching prices). We had enough daylight left anyway, so seeing as nothing else was happening after dark, there was no reason not to go straight home.

25 days

If you’re looking to book a cruise but want to pay less and still get the experience of cruising, this is a good option. You can save money by not paying for airfare or hotel rooms and still get there in style. The price is also very reasonable considering how long your vacation will be—25 days!

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28 nights

The cruise is 28 nights, but you can book it at a one-way price, which makes this a fantastic deal for a Hawaii vacation.

one-way price: $4700 ($2300 + $2700)

One-way price: $4700 ($2300 + $2700)

Total cost: $6738.38 ($3138.38 + $3658.38)

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This is a fantastic deal for a Hawaii vacation.

If you’re looking to see Hawaii, this is a fantastic deal. The cruise is a great way to see the islands and get close to them while they’re still in their natural state. You’ll be able to see whales, dolphins, and other wildlife at sea, making your trip all the more memorable.

The cruise also includes free transportation between ports on each day of your trip so that you don’t have to worry about how much time it takes for people who aren’t getting off at their stops (or vice versa).

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