How long does it take to drive around kauai hawaii

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Through the central and western valleys.

Kauai is a long island with Hawaii’s second-largest population per square mile. It also has a diverse climate and ecosystems like many other Hawaiian islands. The terrain on Kauai is also diverse, with mountains, valleys, beaches, and forests all within easy driving distance from each other.

The central and western valleys are where you’ll find most of your adventures on this island: lush green hillsides covered in sugar cane fields; long stretches of golden sands along crystal clear oceans; quiet bays that feel far away from everything else (and sometimes even farther away than that!).

Through the east side of Kauai.

The east side of Kauai is an excellent place to visit and a good place to drive around. You’ll see the ocean from there, which you can’t do anywhere else on the island.

To the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

The Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is on the east side of Kauai, a protected area. It’s also an excellent place to see birds, other wildlife, whales, and dolphins. You can take hiking trails if you want to explore more of this gorgeous island on foot!

To the southeast coast.

With good reason, the southeast coast is the most visited part of Kauai. It’s where most visitors start their trip to this island paradise and where you’ll find some of its best beaches. There are plenty of options for snorkeling or scuba diving in this area, along with spectacular views that make up for any disappointment you might have from being on land rather than in the water yourself!

The southeast coast is also home to a lot more development than other parts of Kauai; there are hotels here to accommodate tourists looking for something bigger than staying at a tiny house or condo rental. If you’re interested in seeing more about what life looks like when no one else lives on your island because they all went somewhere else instead (which means there will probably never be another person living here), then perhaps this would be an ideal place for someone who wants privacy and quiet but still wants easy access into town every day/night if needed!

To Kapaa.

Kapaa is the largest town in Kauai, so if you want to get away from it all and relax, this place is for you. Plenty of restaurants and hotels in Kapaa cater to tourists who wish to enjoy their vacation without worrying about finding food or lodging. It’s also home to many shops where locals can buy souvenirs and items they might need while visiting Kauai.

Kapaa has lots of activities available for visitors: surfing lessons at Waimea Bay (as well as other locations), snorkeling trips through Kekaha Kai Marine Reserve, kayaking tours around Kapoho Beach State Park…the list goes on!

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