How is hawaii enforcing 10 day quarantine

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Hawaii Case

After the plane was grounded, a senior scientist from the laboratory was escorted by security personnel to his vehicle. He was then driven to a private terminal, boarded a commercial aircraft, and flew back to California.

Hawaii Case is still quarantined in Honolulu and must return home within ten days.

Senior scientists and military

The US Department of Defense (DoD) and the US Geological Survey have each been given five days to leave Hawaii. They are allowed to return once they have been declared free of EBOV infection by officials.

The DoD has several bases in Hawaii, including Hickam Air Force Base and Schofield Barracks, both stationed on Oahu island. There is also Camp Housman near Pearl Harbor; Wheeler Army Air Field at Wheeler Army Airfield on Oahu’s southeast coast; Andersen AFB near Pearl City; Schofield Barracks Military Reservation; Hickam AFB Military Reservation; Naval Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam & Kaneohe Bay CGs/Naval Aviation Center #1 (NAC#1); Naval Base Pearl Harbor-McCoy Island CGs/Naval Aviation Center #2 (NAC#2).

I will have to return to the US.

If you are visiting from another country and have been exposed to the disease, you must return to the US for further evaluation and treatment. You can expect your health care team at home or the hospital where you were treated for Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Africa to recommend that you quarantine yourself at home until they know whether or not any symptoms have developed. If these symptoms develop, they may recommend that you visit an infectious disease specialist who can determine whether or not they must quarantine themselves.

You must also follow all recommendations made by your doctor or other health care professional during this period, including:

I was on a plane from ORD to LAX.

You were on a plane from ORD to LAX. The aircraft was grounded due to a suspected case of the flu, and you have a UH ID card with your number in a black marker pen. You are now under quarantine until we can confirm this is not an outbreak.

Plane was grounded

The plane was grounded, and the passenger was taken into custody. A UH ID card with a number in black marker pen was found on the man.

Has a UH ID card with a number in black marker pen.

Have you been diagnosed with Ebola?

If the answer is yes, then you’re under quarantine.

It is now under quarantine.

If you’re considering visiting Hawaii and have never been, please do not worry. There’s no need to be afraid of the islands being quarantined. The only people who should be concerned are those who may have been exposed to the virus in the first place.

Hawaii is a long way from the US mainland, so it’s unlikely that anyone would have traveled there recently; however, if they had their travel plans changed due to this outbreak (for example, due to losing their job), then they could potentially move back into range via air travel or boat ride between islands. This means that people living near airports might also be exposed by flying into Honolulu International Airport or taking flights from other major cities on Oahu Island (like Waikiki).

Takeaway :

The takeaway is that Hawaii enforces a ten-day quarantine on a senior scientist and military officer.

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Here are the links to the full texts of pertinent remarks by Dr. Paul Farmer and Peter Piot (the co-inventors of the A-H5N1 virus) at today’s press conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

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