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State Planning and Development Agency Overview

The State Planning and Development Agency (SPDA) is the state agency that coordinates federal, state, local, and private sector efforts to revitalize Hawaii’s communities. Governor George Ariyoshi created it in 1971 under Act No. 14 of the Hawaii State Legislature. The SPDA serves as a catalyst for economic development in Hawaii; it helps unlock investment capital for the local communities; it provides technical assistance to the state’s 100 counties; it supports community-based planning projects; and it promotes community collaboration through workshops and conferences. The SPDA also works with other public agencies, private organizations, and other nonprofit groups on issues related to its mission.

In December 2009, Governor Linda Lingle signed Act No. 21 of 2009 (Act 21), which combined the functions of the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT) at the executive level with those of the SPDA at the state level into one new department called “Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.” The combined department was known as “Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism” until June 30th, 2012, when KCC First Lady Sharon Peacock took office as Director of this new department replacing then Gov Steve Nape – who became Director of DBEDT effective July 1st, 2012 while continuing his role as Director of SPDA effective immediately with Ms. Peacock taking over Mr. Nape’s duties as Director of DPBEDT on July 1st, 2012… Deputy Director/Chief Financial Officer – Michael Takashima

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Director – Sharon Peacock

General Counsel – Andrew Sato

Regional Directors: STREET CENTER PROGRAMS throughout Oahu

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Hawaii is approximately 4,555 miles (7,258 km) from San Jose, California.

Hawaii is approximately 4,555 miles (7,258 km) from San Jose, California. The distance between the two locations is 7,914 miles (12,851 km).

Hawaii is a big island with just under 1 million people living there. It’s also one of the most beautiful places in the world! You won’t be disappointed when you visit this paradise.

One hundred miles (161 km) in two hours and 49 minutes on I-15 through Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Many people think trans-Pacific flights are a breeze, but they’re mostly all wrong.

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You might think that trans-Pacific flights are a breeze, but they’re mostly all wrong. They’re not short or cheap, and they’re not easy to get there from Australia.

You first need to know that there’s no direct flight from Australia to Hawaii, so you’ll have to take at least one stop along the way—and maybe even two or three if your schedule allows it. This can add hours onto your trip, which means more money is spent on travel and accommodation expenses.

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